On October 12, 2017 VisionTV published an interview (4 minute read), with Canadian lawyer, health law professor, writer and “debunker-extraordinaire” Timothy Caulfield about his new 6-part documentary series titled “A User’s Guide to Cheating Death”. The interview titled Tim Talks Natural Remedies and Foods, touches on why Mr. Caulfield chose to address natural foods and NHPs as part of the series, what he has gleaned from his research and the blowback he has received from supporters.

NHPPA watched Episode #5 of the series, The Natural Way. The episode focuses on natural nutrition, holistic health practices and NHPs. Initially, it seems that Caulfield is impartial in his approach to cover the issues surrounding natural health vs conventional medicine. It doesn’t take long for it to become clear that the intent is to discredit. Featured experts are cherry-picked to cast doubt and mock the natural health industry and those who support it. On cue, and as expected, positions include “there is no science to support natural treatments and products”.

Choose any one of many persistent hardline statements seemingly meant to provoke a controversy-for-ratings thread and discuss.

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