“We are bringing changes into our food and drug regulations where basically we are going to guarantee that it will be illegal in Canada to ever use a natural health product to treat a serious health condition”. On May 12, 2018, while in Toronto for the Total Health Show, Shawn Buckley sat down with Hugh Reilly of ThatChannel.com for a candid interview (53 minute watch), ‘Health Canada is causing harm to Canadians. Canadians will hold them accountable.’

Watch the full interview

• Shawn Buckley’s unusual shift into advocating for natural health products and practices after representing Health Canada in an action against Strauss Naturals (0:55)

• Health Canada tried make the sale of TrueHope’s EMPowerplus formula illegal despite evidence that consumers depended on it for their survival after chemical anti-psychotic drugs stopped working (6:55)

• Health Canada’s new “failed efficacy” meme created to make Canadians believe they need protection from natural health products (21:27)

• How important censorship of truthful information is to Health Canada in the drug approval process (29:25)

• Help NHPPA succeed in pushing back against Health Canada’s proposed new regulation changes (35:54)

• The Charter of Health Freedom is the answer to solving the problem, permanently (44:00)

“Whose choice is it of what you can take when you have a health crisis? Health Canada believes that they have the absolute right to decide what treatments you are allowed to access and, even more importantly, an absolute right to what information you are allowed to have. Because our system is based on censorship.”