Shawn Buckley and the NHPPA research, write and distribute information and opinion pieces as part of our core work. Until the actions of Health Canada come under proper scrutiny, in accordance with Canadian law and democratic practice, we cannot, and will not stop placing the issues where they will be read, understood and passed on. We are encouraged to see that doubt for the future of the industry is spreading. This doubt will turn into action.

Our concerns for the impact of the 2004 NHP Regulations, and the opportunity they afforded to unelected officials for abuse and corruption have been dismissed by many as ‘fearmongering’ but now the word is spreading beyond the core industry believers. As smaller companies go to the wall, with very little power of redress, the unsayable can be printed. The questions are becoming accusations, the evidence of harm is too widespread to gloss over as inadvertent.

This month, several new devastating examples of the power of the written word are available for you to use to inform your networks and grow the push back.

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