Today, we have had both the alleged apocalypse, and the shortest day of the year, come and go.

Tonight, we also finally give you the link to watch NHPPA’s latest lecture presented by Shawn Buckley from Toronto’s 2012 Whole Life Expo.

Delivered on Sunday November 11 2012 to a capacity crowd, Shawn talks about the shocking changes now in effect with the passing of Bill C-38. Known as the omnibus budget bill, it contained changes to 70 laws in one massive document passed by Parliament this summer. Learn what safeguards have been erased and how you will no longer be able to tell if your food is safe.

Following the video, check out the photographs of our activities over the weekend.

Thank you, everyone. Our regular donations coupled with the financial support ask we sent out last month, made it possible for us to attend the show. Special thanks to each of our returning and new NHPPA volunteers who took time out of their weekend to support the team and the movement. To all of the Whole Life Expo visitors, both public and industry, a sincere thank you.

CLICK HERE to go to NHPPA’s website page where you will find the player to watch this 60 minute video recording.