Campaign Closed: Oct 1/13

Live Nutritionists’ Webinar with Shawn Buckley Post-Campaign Report

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Since the wrap up of Step 1 of the Charter to 308 MPs Campaign, the NHPPA has been busy planning a very exciting event for a specific audience who are not only personally affected by Health Canada’s NHP regulations, but also professionally. This group of people are holistic nutritionists. Like many of the public and industry stakeholders we have as subscribers, this discipline of alternative health practitioners are seeking practice specific conversation that will affect their clinical practices.

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We are in the midst of promoting a nation-wide webinar where Shawn will educate, engage and empower the professional rights of holistic nutritionists. During this webinar the audience will learn how to pushback against the authorities who are removing access to trusted NHPs they’ve used in their clinics with great success.

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We are revealing a final post-campaign report that you haven’t seen yet! You will be pleased with the follow up effort of some very active NHPPA subscribers. If you missed the Charter to 308 MPs Campaign, you can read about it here. Our goal was for every MP to receive a copy of the Charter of Health Freedom from multiple sources, all at the same time so they had the facts they could not ignore.

We have just received Shawn’s considered thoughts to MPs about this campaign, and are reviewing them, deciding how we will disseminate this information to best help you respond to your MP.

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