A New Drug Could Let us Eat Anything Without Gaining Weight, Vice

We dialed up our fact checking. In this December 5, 2018 article (3 minute read) on Vice, “A New Drug Could Let Us Eat Anything Without Gaining Weight” we are told about a gene that can be removed in mice allowing them to eat anything, without limits, and not gain weight. Lead molecular and cellular physiology researcher Professor Damien Keating of Flinders University in Australia says, “The ideal would be to take some sort of pill that didn’t require you to watch your diet, that didn’t require you to exercise.” Researchers are hopeful this will lead to a new drug that could target this pathway.

We’d bet that the global natural health community would find this concerning. Fascinating science. Short-sighted application. The research and subsequent drug development is a good example of mainstream medicine’s pill-popping precedents that do not address the causal chain of obesity. Cell-signalling focus is reductionist. It seems to disregard the fundamental needs of the body. Where does good nutrition, ideal macronutrient profiles, food quality, hormone imbalances, stress levels, physical fitness (among others), as well as epigenetics come into the analysis?

December 6, 2018 article on Flinders University Newsdesk: “Gene Discovery Holds Promise Against Obesity