Andrew Michrowski’s Response to Maura Forrest EMF Article Oct/17

From: Andrew Michrowski []
Sent: Friday, October 6, 2017 12:21 PM
Subject: Petition article concerning cellphone radiation – what does all this electromagnetic hash mean to us? and, how come?


“Good morning, Ms. Maura Forrest,

We note your article in the National Post dated October 4, 2017, “More Canadians petitioning the government about fear of cellphone radiation”.

You may be interested to know that what is now known as Safety Code 6 is a transfer from Industry Canada of technical guidelines developed in the 1970s to ensure that telephone and telecommunication microwave transceiver tower installations (Bell, CNCP Telecommunications, and like utilities) would be so positioned as not to interfere with each other in their optical line of sight. We still see some of these links on towers as white drum-like. Before satellite services, these units were the core of Canada’s coast-to-coast-to-cast telecommunications, including Canadian Press, CBC and CTV – as well as for high quality telephone system. The purpose of these guidelines was only for assuring optimal signal conditions, in all weather conditions, over long distances apart the towers; there was no purpose associated with health, other that no structure – including human and flora would hinder the line of sight of these transcontinental beams.

For administrative reasons, these guidelines were taken over by “Health” Canada (then with another nomenclature) as also applying for the growing number of federal workers exposed to microwaves: military personnel, security services, medical services, field operation staff, those exposed to microwave ovens, walkie-talkies, radio and TV station facilities, banking and computer system, etc.. By chance, the field intensities adopted from Industry Canada were associated with thermal effect (basically, cooking, with certain durations). This guideline also presumes healthy, athletic Caucasian male of typical height and weight in Canada (such as soldier, firefighter, athlete) in their prime age – and the time it would take such an individual to increase their whole body temperature by 1 degree Celsius within 6 minutes. As you know, federal employees, at work, do not include infants, children, pregnant women, the sick, and the elderly, who, as you know make up an important proportion of the population. Also note that most Canadians are exposed for more than 6 minutes at a time to microwave emissions.  Microwaves, to a lesser degree that radioactivity and X-rays, have cumulative absorption effects, statistically over a lifetime. So, even small density effects accumulate over time, resulting in symptoms after some duration, rather than immediate changes such as blood pressure and temperature gradients.

Also, when both the Industry Canada and Health Canada issued their guidelines, there were only a few hundred transceiver towers in all of Canada, less than a 1,000 Radio and TV transmitters, and several dozen radar sites. Now we are immersed in a maze of electromagnetic hash from multi-directions from thousands of towers, hundred of thousands of devices associated with wireless transmitters using competitive links by private companies, tens of millions of microwave devices used at distances close to our bodies and sensitive organs such as eyes, brains, reproductive organs, hearts, for which the guidelines have not adjusted for the cumulative (both in duration and in emitting and directional sources), multiple frequency bands, and their superimposition (in that modulation on a frequency can augment into pulses of higher power density, by about 10 times in their absorption by living bodies), nor sometimes critical humidity conditions, which in their turn can augment power density beyond the federal guidelines but about 4 to 10 times conditions otherwise monitored in “lab conditions at room temperature”.

The thermal effects are known since the WWII days. They number 8, and include induction of ionic currents, temperature, dipole induction, molecular agitation and friction (which is the effect that carbonises in microwave ovens).

The non-thermal effects are much more numerous and biologically significantHealth Canada has admitted in Court testimony that their Safety Code 6, and their scope does not regard non-thermal effects at all. However, non-thermal effects have been scrupulously examined for more than 10 years by the European Union, through their Council, after parliamentary committee research – as well as observed by tens of thousands of medical practivioners in dozens of countries from their diagnosis of their patients). The European guidelines, since 2011 have resolved into a exposure limit of 0.1 microwatt/cm2, contrary to Safety Code 6 600.0 to 1,000 microwatt/square centimeter.

Note that background exposure levels for the full spectrum in Toronto region’s urban area roads and sidewalks range from about 0.05 minimum to a general 4.0 – 10.0 microwatt/cm2, and, along the Gardiner Expressway, between Spadina and Sherbourne, up to 40,000 microwatt/cm2, which includes emissions from compact lights, transceivers, cellphones in cars and pedestrians and the CN tower transmitters.  Only as recently as 2000, the microwave and radio-frequency emissions in Toronto were 0.001 to 0.003 microwatt/cm2.

The non-thermal effects come in the manner of 3 wave effects and 18 non-wave effects. They include demodulation of tissue, cells, change in the potential of cells, induction of electric currents, tendency for change of temperature (at a slower rate), orientation of living cells, piezo-electric effects and magnetostrictive effects (significant for blood), chemical effects, including rate of reactions, changes in the lymphatic, blood and biosolution flow in vessels, resonance with geomagnetic as well as bio magnetic fields (such as in blood magnetite) and interaction with ferromagnetic materials, including medical implants. This is discussed in detail in the attached National Research Council document (see the last chart at the end of the research study), that was commissioned by Cabinet in the 1970s before the takeover of Safety Code 6 from Industry Canada‘s technical guideline.

As you may observe, Canadians, the greatest users of wireless technology worldwide, are being exposed continuously to new emitters and with the 5G (“fifth generation”) Internet-of-Things (rather than humans)

slated for 2020, they will be exposed to refrigerator sized emitters every 100 meters or so on sidewalks to accommodate a further ten-fold increase in data (and thus at least analogous higher pulsed density to be absorbed by human bodies) top permit self-driving vehicles, which in turn will also transmit fields. According to experts, the signal density per cubic meter will be so elevated that it may become impossible for all the devices in the Internet-of-Things to operate properly for failure to receive/transmit critical data info. For such conditions there are not enough studies available; in fact the core engineering fundamentals for 5G are not yet fully designed not tested as yet.  We will appreciate the full extent of impact on society only after exposure, and sometime in the future. There is considerable pressure from investment circles to speed everything up, while ensuring no responsibility for the general public for individuals’ well being.

It is hoped that you may appreciate this information.  We were asked by our founder, Senator Chesley W. Carter, scientist and chair of the Standing Committee on Health as well as another Senate committee of Science to have our interdisciplinary, independent international collaborative network of advanced scientific thinking to continuously monitor and review electromagnetic field issues, which even in the 1970s were considered to be among the most important concerns on earth.”