Campaign Update July 5 | Register Today

We get and read every email that you send us and get to as many as we can. We are getting all of your calls too! Let’s all get together again, and more regularly. Many of you, rightfully, have deeper questions about what is going on and how to do more! And many more are asking about things not yet covered in our materials. We are dripping actions out over time to make sure that we maintain focus. We want to answer questions like:

  • “Shawn Buckley said Health Canada will set up a new enforcement arm to censor truthful health information. Does this apply to a health care practitioner speaking with a patient/client?”
  • “What is this Section 500-504 everyone is talking about? I can’t find it on the government website.”
  • “You’ve stated you don’t support CHFA’s SOS campaign. Can you tell us more about why that is?”
  • “I already sent a form letter and an email petition to my MP. Why are you asking me to write more letters?”

Let’s have a dialogue and answer your questions!

On Wednesday, July 5 at 2:30 pm ET / 11:30 am PT we are inviting everyone involved in the campaign so far to join Shawn Buckley and the NHPPA team to update you on what has been happening, to answer your questions both LIVE and those that are coming in via email and phone, as well as support you on the current national letter-writing campaign. This is our first, consistent and long-term campaign until we stop getting form responses and get real attention. We’ll talk about the additional actions around MP awareness (phone calls, physical visits, emails, social media posts, and mailings).

The call is open to everyone. You can also email your questions to

Let’s talk!