Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update Jan 30/13

Since our last update in August, you have sent us 1100 unique, new signatures from Canadian citizens who are outraged by the ever-increasing attack on products we rely on for our health and wellbeing. We know that many of you are working hard to distribute petition sheets to your networks and we truly value the hard work and education represented by every upclick in numbers.

As of today, the NHPPA has 89,438 petition signatures.


This month we’re asking:

Is it big enough to make a difference yet?

The Charter of Health Freedom petition is still the 3rd largest Federal petition that Canada has seen in the past 15 years. We are currently 93% of our way to being the largest petition our parliament has seen in this time.

Smaller petitions than this have changed legislation! Since the NHPPA operates with minimum running costs, these 89,439 petition signatures have been collected without concentrated publicity outlay. The totals represent your grass roots commitment to spreading the word.

To significantly increase these numbers now that people are beginning to listen, we will be running a series of express campaigns within the industry and public interest groups over the next eight months to big up both numbers and by extension people’s awareness of the extent of the problem.

During this time, we will also be seeking out an MP, interested in challenging the status quo, and championing what we determine will be one of the largest federal petitions, moving Parliament to give Natural Health Products their own reasonable legal framework.

CLICK HERE to see how the Charter of Health Freedom petition stacks up.

What more can you do?

You’ve signed the petition yourself, you have asked friends and family to sign, you’ve sent us your filled in sheets, what next? How about tweeting sharing or emailing our updates to your networks. Be sure to have a few spare copies of the petition with you when you go shopping…is your local health food store a petition station yet? Be sure to let them know we have all the tools they need to become an education resource centre for everyone who needs access to endangered products.

CLICK HERE to download and print the petition.

CLICK HERE for our Store Support action kit.

CLICK HERE to view and print our information handout: WHY A PAPER PETITION?

Who is listening?

As the products people need begin to disappear from store shelves and the diversity of natural remedies diminishes, more people than ever before are asking for information and tools for action. Many more health stores are becoming petitions stations. The issues are beginning to appear on the radar for mainstream media outlets and even some MPs are becoming aware of citizens’ concerns. This is not a small feat. It’s been a long road, we have all been fighting to be heard for many years, but now is the time, more than ever, to keep on the pressure on!