Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update May 1/13

pen8515We have great jump in figures to report to you for this update. Since our last count, we collected a record number of petition sheets at the Total health Show, and are receiving fatter and fatter envelopes of petitions from health food stores. Thank you all for getting the information into your local stores, it’s really making a difference.

If your favourite store isn’t a petition station yet, you can CLICK HERE to download all the information they need!

As of today, the NHPPA has 90,580 petition signatures.

The Charter of Health Freedom petition was first introduced almost four years ago. The NHPPA has aimed, since that time, to make this petition the largest in Canada’s history. Our goal is to enlist the support of 10% of Canada’s population by collecting 3 million signatures. Yet petitions with far less signatures have helped move legislation. So how does the Charter of Health Freedom compare to other Canadian petitions?

This is currently the 3rd largest Federal petition in the last 15 years.

We are now 95% of the way towards the next target!

When we pass 92,572 signatures we will become the 2nd largest federal petition in the last 15 years and the 3rd largest in Canadian History. At 96,065 citizens who put pen to paper, we will only be beaten by the petition for a Bill of Rights, presented to Parliament in 1949.

CLICK HERE to read full details of Canada’s largest Federal petitions.


We are still being asked, in person and by email, why we haven’t set up an online petition. If you haven’t read our article on the rights of Canadians to petition their government, you can CLICK HERE to read it in full.

We have some interesting news regarding online petitions this month. A Private Members Motion to consider electronic petitioning of Parliament is due to be debated and we are following the details with interest. We will keep you up to date with the issues and outcomes as they happen, but it could take a year for any ideas mooted now to become law.

Wet signatures on real paper remain, for now, the only way for Canadians to petition their government for legislation change.

The NHPPA continues to collect the completed petitions. Please send them to this address: 5070 Fountain Street North, Breslau, ON N0B 1M0.

To download a printable version of the Charter of Health Freedom petition, CLICK HERE.