Charter to 308 MPs Campaign Step 2 Launch at Total Health 2014 Apr 10/14



NHPPA launched several new tools for you to use at last weekend’s Total Health Show. Our visitors were excited to collect the first copies of our new 2014 articles and packages.


Last summer every federal MP received at least one print copy of the Charter of Health Freedom. Many of you went above and beyond, sending packages to neighbouring ridings, visiting your MP and engaging in protracted conversations.

The responses you received were disappointing. We have placed the MP letters you forwarded to us on our website for all to see.

Shawn analyzed the replies, party by party and point by point, to produce a rebuttal document for every MP to read.

He observes:

“It was interesting in an Orwellian sort of way, to analyze the MP responses to the Charter of Health Freedom (the “Charter”). What jumped out at me immediately, was that none of the responses mentioned or spoke of the Charter. One would think that when the Charter is dropped off, along with a summary of the Charter and a letter demanding action, that some mention of the MP’s thoughts on the Charter would be made.”

This document, including questions to ask all MPs, as well as specific questions directed at the MPs who sent replies, was available at the show for your comments and feedback. It accompanied a full information pack to continue, deepen (and frequently correct) the conversation with MPs.

We are now processing the reactions from those of you who chatted with us about the package.

Everyone across the country will have access to the campaign launched at Toronto’s Total Health Show, within the next week.

 The package will comprise:

  • A ready-addressed MP Cover Letter with space for your own thoughts;
  • The complete rebuttal document: Shawn Buckley LL.B. replies to MPs regarding the Charter of Health Freedom;
  • A new article for 2014 written by Shawn: The Charter of Health Freedom Grows in Importance;
  • NHPPA’s 2014 Charter Petition update, alerting MPs to the record-breaking number of people who support the Charter of Health Freedom;
  • An invitation for MPs to consider introducing the Charter of Health Freedom to Parliament

Watch your inbox for news of the timeline and details for this exciting new way to engage and educate your MP.

The legislative and regulatory climate is changing fast this year, and Shawn’s lecture covered the latest news. Not only is full enforcement of the 2004 NHP Regulations finally upon us, the Government is debating Bill C-17. This Bill, although on the surface an admirable attempt to rein in Big Pharma, contains some worrying aspects of the older Bill C-51, which many of you will remember fighting. This Bill could, because of the way it is written, adversely affect the natural health industry. Shawn explained how and why it must be amended.

Shawn also addressed the issue of CETA. He says, of this partially secret trade agreement with the European Union:

“If CETA causes Canada to adopt the European regulations, we might look back at our current situation as the ‘good old days’.”

The video of his talk will be available to watch on NHPPA’s website next week, when our order is delivered. As soon as we get it, it’ll also be up on NHPPA’s YouTube Channel

Just after the MP campaign goes out digitally, we will be rolling out NHPPA’s 2nd campaign of 2014, Amend Bill C-17. 

Get fired up for a busy campaign season by reading Shawn’s latest article in Vitality that includes his opinions on the NHPD’s current activities, CETA and Bill C-17:

ILLEGAL REMEDIES Exploring the Federal Prejudice Against Natural Health Products