In this February 7, 2018 article (4 minute read), “Does the Herbal Supplement Kratom Really Contain Opioids?”, published by LiveScience, we learn about recent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) research showing that many of the natural compounds found in Kratom bind to opioid receptors in the brain, which then classify the plant as a restricted substance. Last summer, NHPPA received a letter from a Kratom advocate. It shared a number of considered thoughts including a reference to an upswing in fear-based media coverage in both Canada and the US surrounding the use of Kratom products, and a report that retailers who offered Kratom were being intimidated into forfeiting sales of the supplement through unannounced visits by Health Canada. In the letter, NHPPA was asked if we had a stance on the use of Kratom as a natural health supplement.