In this September 22, 2016 interview with Lisa Er of Green Planet FM radio, Dr. Guy Hatchard describes how NHP’s are under threat from regulation in New Zealand and, in a related video link, discusses how there is a global effort to harmonize the regulations that govern our natural health products, threatening our access to safe and effective natural treatments.

Until recently Canada chaired the International Coalition of Medicine Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA), and is one of the 22 countries who has signed onto this organization which was created in 2011. It is not surprising that we are seeing new Health Canada proposals for the regulation of NHPs once again, as it appears to be part and parcel of the harmonization agenda of ICMRA.

Dr. Hatchard states in the video link, “Regulatory-style laws hand control of natural medicine regulation to ICMRA rather than national governments. This subverts national sovereignty, undermines indigenous knowledge, and takes the right to choose natural medical treatment away from people everywhere”. He goes on to state that “The new regulations have nothing to do with improving public health” and “The lives of individuals currently using NHP’s to maintain their health will be put at risk as the retail sale of safe remedies is restricted or banned”.

Exactly how are the proposed changes going to impact the natural health industry in Canada? One need not look further for the answer to this question when one sees who is driving these regulations with Health Canada, and who sits on the Board of Directors at the Consumer Health Products Canada, a national association which represents the manufacturers, marketers and distributors of over-the-counter drugs and NHP’s. In his article recently republished in Common Ground magazine, “Your natural health products under legal attack”, Shawn Buckley states “My dealings with HC over the years have strengthened my belief that Health Canada is not there to protect us”.

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