Prepared by Shawn Buckley, president of the NHPPA

Purpose of the Paper

Yesterday the Minister of Health introduced Bill C-51 into the House of Commons. The Bill passed first reading. The following is a link to a version of the Bill:

Although this only occurred yesterday, upon our reading of the Bill it became apparent that it may have wide ranging negative implications for the Natural Health Product industry. We are of the opinion that it would be prudent to draft an initial discussion paper to be circulated to stakeholders and more importantly to other stakeholder groups to begin discussion on the issues raised in this Bill.

Need for a Broad Consensus

We feel that Bill C-51 has such broad implications for the Natural Health Product Industry that it would be prudent for all of the various stakeholder groups to collaborate to see if an industry consensus can be reached in how to approach Bill C-51. If Bill C-51 poses a threat to the industry, unless there is consensus, efforts to protect the industry will fail.

Discussion Paper Only

This is a discussion paper only and does not reflect the position of the NHPPA or of the NHPPA advisory board. The thoughts and comments are those of the author, Mr. Shawn Buckley and are intended to foster discussion.

The NHPPA will formulate its position after industry feedback.

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