Beware of spin and fear selling. United States’ FDA messaging on natural health products (NHPs) is a tune we’ve heard before. In this February 11, 2019 Nutritional Outlook article (6 minute read) by Sebastian Krawiec, “FDA to strengthen dietary supplement oversight, reevaluate existing regulation and DSHEA law,” Canadians are shown we are not alone in the battle to “modernize” regulations. While this article seemingly highlights the shiny side of regulations, it fails to acknowledge the risks associated with strict government control in making personal health decisions. The fight to keep American NHPs accessible to the public illustrates a common threat to health freedom throughout North America, and in fact, the world. This is not news for the industry but may be for members of the public. Here at home, NHPPA continues to raise awareness and build momentum against proposed Health Canada regulations, so it is more critical than ever to stay informed about international legislation that can act as a precedent in Canada.