NHPPA’s 2018 Charter of Health Freedom petition drive starts next weekend at the Total Health Show! It’s been 10 years since the petition launch and timing to deliver it to Ottawa could not be better. There are two ways to participate so that our show count is the largest yet.

1) If you are in the Toronto area on May 11,12, 13, visit us at booth #426 and sign it! Make sure you pick up all of our new material on the latest proposals from Health Canada that have (no surprise) an increased their threat to natural health products and practices.

2) Can’t make it to the show but want to be a part of bringing the Charter of Health Freedom to Ottawa?

Download the petition

Print. Sign. Then get 24 of your friends, family and colleagues to sign it too. As soon as the page is correctly filled, mail it back to NHPPA headquarters at: 5070 Fountain Street North, Breslau, Ontario, N0B 1M0 We’ll be anticipating your mailings. Make sure you add a return address! If it’s postmarked by Monday May 21, we’ll count it as part of the Total Health Show number. The show always generates a significant number of new names for the petition when the public finds out how progressive Canada’s health freedom future would look with the Charter enacted.

The Charter of Health Freedom is proposed legislation that gives Natural Health Products and Traditional Medicines their own Act

More on the Charter

NHPPA started collecting petition signatures in 2008 and we are now the second largest Federal paper petition, to be delivered all at once in the last 25 years, with 96,497 signatures. It’s a petition that is making Canadian history. We would love for you to help us hit another milestone with this drive.

… and one last important element:

NHPPA will be running a number of targeted campaigns that will be difficult for MPs and Health Canada bureaucrats to ignore. The coming months will be very interesting, and even more so with you involved. While we run a a final concentrated push for more signatures, we will be seeking a Federal MP who will confidently table the Charter of Health Freedom in the House of Commons.

Where are the last 10 years of Charter petitions?

Our last official update and full recount for integrity took place on June 23 2017.