Going West.

Sure, this may look a little bedraggled to a professional who packs and ships everyday but we assure you that each box was thoroughly tested for courier-safe travels and structural integrity. It’s our first time sending the things that make up the NHPPA show booth to the West! Aside from the obvious lack of aesthetics, we hope you’re impressed that we fit all of our educational material in! Well, all but one. The containers are minus a bear. NHPPA’s Warm Buddy was not able to travel without security at his destination. We’ve sent our full Toronto show set up as seen in the images below.

We have incredible volunteers for the Calgary Health Show on February 2/3 where Shawn is speaking on both show days at 1:30 pm and where we’ll have the full booth.

The two Victoria shows (January 26/27 and March 2/3) have the perfect volunteers who will bring awareness and specifically collect signatures for The Charter of Health Freedom petition. It’s a small station but a BIG deal for us. The NHPPA team cannot overstate how thrilled we are to have a presence at these shows.

Vancouver! You’re up next in October.

Warm Buddy story (and the risks posed by the bear) from Shawn Buckley’s 2010 Vancouver talk. Listen the first 5 minutes!

Considering coming out to support? Volunteer details for each show

See a larger image of the booth set-up.
*tables provided by the show producer (they’d have been difficult to pack)

Show name and lecture dates have been changed on the reprinted lecture handouts for Calgary.