Postcard Sharing Upload Page

NHPPA’s “Say Goodbye!” MP postcard campaign launched in June 2023. There is no deadline to mail these postcards, so the momentum continues!

Thanks to the support of key natural health product (NHP) manufacturers, over 250,000 postcards have already been printed and are shipping across the country. We have been thrilled to receive dozens of emails with images the “Say Goodbye” postcard on display in health food stores, natural health clinics, and being deposited in mailboxes by individual citizens.

To make it even easier for you to share your photos with us, we’ve set up the form below! This also means you can check out the photo gallery below and see many other amazing natural health product advocates in action.

After a quick scroll of the images below, and it’s easy to see you are not alone in your efforts to fight back against Health Canada’s proposed restrictions to natural health products. Upload your photos today and help inspire others across the country to take action as well!