General Public Invitation


NHPPA supporters and the public have been asking for us to organize a lecture tour with Shawn Buckley speaking in cities across Canada. Our goal is to reach out to a new group of citizens that may not yet know what is at stake, and to continue the conversation with NHP industry stakeholders and government. This lecture tour is a critical opportunity to unveil the impact of dangerous legislation [Bill C-36] and the inappropriate rules [NHP Regulations] that are dismantling the NHP industry.

The more people we can reach, educate, get angry and get active, the better chance we have to re-set this unfair trajectory.

During the past 3 weeks the NHPPA team has been working with volunteers across Canada to bring the message of freedom to their city. We are asking you to join us in your city and take advantage of our knowledge, research, information and tools.


As the crisis deepens, we are asking you to support us in this outreach initiative.

On Monday Nov. 15 we launch the dollar-match fundraising campaign for the tour.

We are putting everything on the line, and as one of Canada’s strongest voices in opposition to unfair regulation and dangerous legislation, we need your help to allow us to educate people about their rights, freedoms and personal sovereignty.

The NHPPA has given the NHP industry and Canadian citizens concerned about their freedoms, an alternative.

Our goal has been to set a new meme that allows all of us to consider what we are willing to compromise for “safety”.

As the government moves forward, almost unimpeded, with Bill C-36 and the NHP Regulations, the NHPPA seeks to build a new momentum of empowered individuals who will rise to stand up for our health and constitutional freedoms.


Please forward our message to anyone you know who wants to make a change.

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CLICK HERE – NHPPA’s position on the NHP Regulations [Vitality Mag., Sept/10]

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