Have You Re-Subscribed Yet? Feb 4/11


Have you re-subscribed yet?

We are ramping up our volunteer network and communication system by updating this subscribe page to immediately connect citizens into the 308 political ridings across Canada. If you haven’t re-subscribed, you can click here to do so. You will be asked to enter your name, city, province, postal code and riding. If you aren’t sure which riding you live in, we have created a drop down menu that will help you to find out.

To date we have been successful at rallying national support for specific campaigns like letter writing, visits to MPs; and most recently getting Shawn to Senate, through our broad-based informal network. The 308 initiative has been used by successful grass roots organizations to have community based conversations with their supporters more effectively. It is a classic guiding principle for both political effectiveness and local relevance and forms a powerful tool the NHPPA is adopting to create the collective freedom meme.

Practically, this initiative will allow health freedom advocates coast to coast to find each other, and at times quickly.

If you have already re-subscribed, thank you for your commitment to taking your engagement to the next level. You will hear from us regularly. We anticipate being in contact with you on a monthly basis with news, activities, challenges and support materials.

“It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires of freedom in the minds of men” –Samuel Adams


  • The ability to send directions for coordinated actions to pressure MPs at their constituency offices — especially those vulnerable to losing their seat in a future election.
  • Heightening public optics by asking riding activists to gather in numbers at locations like city hall, speakers’ corners and media outlets.
  • Engaging 308 riding members when our campaigns include a public demonstration component.
  • Organizing rapid flashmobs to support NHP stakeholders when a Health Canada raid is in progress with the aim of recording the event and posting on the internet.
  • Informing supporters of NHPPA lectures or events that the NHPPA outreach team programs in your region.
  • Development of community-minded information sessions in a way that speaks best to your region.
  • Sharing of information needed to craft letters to specific policy makers and elected officials.
  • Working our accountability initiative by asking our 308 advocates to respond to specific Health Canada actions by contacting employees directly.

In order to facilitate the local activism to protect individual communities our 308 network is designed for, we are appointing a volunteer outreach co-ordinator in each Province. These will be pivotal roles as our future initiatives gain momentum.

If you are seeking a way to become the change you wish to see, and you think that this task would be a good fit for you, please do email us and tell us a little about yourself.


We hear from many supporters who wish to write letters, call, fax and visit their MPs and undertake their own personal campaigns. We recommend that you continue your efforts independently and often, keeping the issues which affect you directly in the spotlight, between our official NHPPA directed activities. We believe that citizens acting both individually –organically, as their interest strikes– and en mass will end the currently regulatory crisis. Coming shortly on the NHPPA website you will find all the materials you need to effectively address and discuss the issues and advocate for your rights.

Our action toolkits will be specifically designed for:

  • NHP manufacturers, distributors and retailers
  • Educating the media
  • Visiting your MP, what to bring, say and ask
  • Writing letters to politicians
  • Writing letters to targeted Health Canada employees
  • Marches and Rallies, material and talking points
  • Social media, links and video clips to spread via Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

As soon as you are re-subscribed to the 308 freedom Network you will receive notification of all these tools to help get your activist on…and keep it there!

The more we are pushed, the stronger we will stand. The citizens’ rebellion is under way and it is growing.

Whether you respond best to direction for mass action or support to work in your own way, the tools you need are on the way.

We are a small organization attempting to take on Health Canada, the government and the Supreme Court, while simultaneously fulfilling our core function of advising and protecting the natural health community.

We are also nothing without you. The ‘tipping point’ is in your hands. Not only can we change the future, we must. Together, we can make history in 2011.