Health Action Magazine: John Biggs on Health Canada’s Refusal to License Nattokinase Feb 3/13


The current issue of Health Action Magazine contains the most recent information on Health Canada’s latest target in an article by John Biggs. As a health store owner, natural health expert, researcher and writer, John is ideally placed to analyze the situation and explain the illogical  justifications for removing yet another safe, useful and popular supplement from Canadian shelves.

“The real issue does not seem to be safety, but that nattokinase competes too effectively against pharmaceuticals…all of which have caused death.”

This piece is written in the form of a sample letter to your MP.

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As the products we rely on for our health and wellbeing keep disappearing from our shelves, the situation becomes ever more urgent. Whether nattokinase is a personal loss to you or not, Health Canada’s needless refusal to allow it a licence will force thousands of individuals onto chemical pharmaceuticals against their will.

This has to stop. It’s time to tell your MP that your vote depends on it.