This October 25, 2017 CBC article (7 minute read), “Health Canada knew of massive gaps in First Nations child health care, documents show”, reveals a January 2016 Human Rights Tribunal ruling which found that Health Canada knowingly discriminated against the health care needs of First Nations children despite a unanimous 2007 decision of Parliament to place their needs above jurisdictional disputes between governments. This became Jordan’s Principle.

NDP MP Charlie Angus is quoted in the article, stating, “It is chilling to learn that Health Canada officials didn’t have a clue what Jordan’s Principle is or how their department had legal obligations to ensure services to children”. He further commented, “Senior officials didn’t even seem to know what medical services were being offered or denied.”

Health Canada continues to be irresponsible by throwing money at “a problem” with NHP regulations that does not even exist. They would better serve our country with focused attention on meaningful priorities, like health and wellness, within our First Nation’s communities.