Hill Times Ad & NHPPA Bill C-36 Discussion Paper Hand-Delivered to Ottawa Sep 22/10

The situation regarding Bill C-36 as at November 15 2010:

After legally sound and well-justified warnings were submitted to our Government regarding Bill C-36, it has moved, unimpeded, out of the House of Commons. On October 29th 2010 the bill transferred to Senate, where it is now in 2nd reading.

NHPPA and other active health freedom groups across the country worked to enlighten our Government on the dangers of this Bill. Today, it still threatens our sovereignty.

We are all understandably disappointed. Perhaps not surprised, but disillusioned, by the power of surface reassurances from Health Canada to prevent our elected officials from addressing the underlying issues. Having been told that Bill C-36 had been examined by the Department of Justice for compliance with the Constitution of Canada, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canada’s international obligations, they looked no further.

That last inclusion has given us greater cause for concern than ever. The door remains open for unelected bureaucrats and foreign interests to bypass our parliament completely. And parliament appears neither to notice, nor to mind.

Did our collective work shift anything?

It is important to consider where we would be had we not put pressure, as a nation, on this issue when C-36 was first introduced as C-52. It is time to consider our joint achievements and understand our collective power. Our message may not have defeated the spin yet, but we continue to make a difference.

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NHPPA Back To Parliament Mission:

To put a hard copy of NHPPA’s Bill C-36 Discussion Paper in the hands of every MP, Senator, Federal Party leader and senior policy maker at Health Canada.

On Wednesday September 22nd NHPPA’s Campaign Director and Executive Co-ordinator Julia Rickert and volunteer Susan Pettigrew drove 411 packages to Ottawa. The drive and physical distribution cost NHPPA supporters 1/2 of what it would have cost for postage. Weeks prior, the NHPPA team prepared the introductory letter and accompanying opening information.

All hand-delivered packages for MPs are delivered to Belfast Road in Ottawa. We snapped a photo of our 8 boxes full of material being carted away by a staff member for distribution to the Parliament Hill mailroom.

Later, on Wellington Street, the Senators’ packages were hand-delivered. Dr. Chopra stood outside to direct us to the right building. He knows Ottawa well. Both inside and out.

Mission accomplished. The crew leave the site considering the impact of the delivery.


• An introductory letter

• 12 reasons to stop Bill C-36

• Quotes from Senators on Bill C-36’s previous incarnation, Bill C-6

• Bill C-36 Discussion Paper, Canada’s most read and only professional,

public analysis of the dangers of C-36, courtesy NHPPA


The intro letter shares the purpose of the NHPPA’s Bill C-36 info package.

Here’s an excerpt from this letter: Canadians are rattled by the slow erosion of democracy in the country…. The reason why previous Parliaments have never granted Health Canada a recall power, is that until now, Parliament has been unwilling to allow private property to be controlled without independent supervision and in secrecy.

Click here to download the full one page intro letter (English & French)


1. Removes the rule of law

2. Shifts control to bureaucrats

3. Ignores Canadian sovereignty

4. Removes legal rights

5. Shifts power from provinces to the Parliament

6. Is unconstitutional

7. Presumes guilt

8. Removes the law of trespass

9. Allows private property searches

10. Is an unnecessary law

11. Removes court supervision and due process

12. Creates a conflict of interest

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When Bill C-6 (now C-36) was in the Senate last year, key Senators raised their concerns about the proposed legislation. Senator Tommy Banks warned that “[Bill C-6] is undoing 400 years of common law.”

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On June 18th NHPPA released Shawn Buckley’s Bill C-36 Discussion Paper. The NHPPA feels that it is important for Canadians to understand why Bill C-36 must be opposed. The relevance of the threats found in Bill C-36 that pertain to the Natural Health Community is outlined in this work.

Click here to download NHPPA’s Bill C-36 Discussion Paper

Stop Bill C-36 Hill Times Ad Campaign

On September 20th The Hill Times [Canada’s Politics and Government Newsweekly] published the NHPPA’s Stop Bill C-36 Ad on page 13. MPs, Senators, and Bureaucrats saw our message loud and clear.

Click here to download the Stop Bill C-36 Hill Times Ad

Shawn Buckley’s opinion editorial titled Turning safety on its head: is our Consumer Product Safety Act safe? was also published in the September 20th issue on page 33.

Shawn states, “[Bill C-36] overrides significant legal safeguards that protect all citizens. Whether the bill passes or not, Canadians deserve a better debate about the ‘safety’ of our so-called Safety Act.”

Click here to download to read the article

Select responses from MP’sIndustry Canada Tony Clement

Garry Breitkreuz MP

Hon Bernard Bigras

Hon Lawrence Cannon MP

Our work also garnered a number of personal calls from MPs to the NHPPA office for clarification on the information they found in the discussion paper.

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We collect and disseminate information to ensure that you know your rights and the law. We educate and support…you need to know when, where and how your health freedoms and civil liberties are being eroded. We write articles, we push the media to look behind spin and misinformation to understand the gravity of our position. We hold lectures; produce videos; print documents to help you defend yourself; teach both you and your elected representatives the law; and create ways for you to make your voice heard. In short, we devise the tools.

But we cannot use them for you. If the government is to understand that tens of thousands of people demand that they uphold our precious and hard won freedoms, then tens of thousands of people must speak.

You’ve done it before. Tens of thousands of people across the country have written and emailed our Government to stop a dangerous piece of legislation. They must hear that you have not stopped watching them.

We devise the tools but we need you to use them. Together we can, and must change the future.