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Navigating the new Cannabis Act regulations, and where cannabis and cannabinoid products fit into natural health professionals’ practices, can leave you feeling strung out. Shawn Buckley’s ability to make complex regulatory environments understandable allowed the first group of dedicated wellness practitioners to better understand what is coming down the pipe from Health Canada.

NHPPA’s first Natural Health Partners Action Education Zoom Call was held on Tuesday February 5th, 2019 exclusively for Holistic Nutritionists.

The NHPPA team was staggered by the response for what was an on-demand, short-notice call for education.

Thank you to a significant number of Holistic Nutritionists across Canada who responded to wanting the recording of the webinar and for those who showed up for the live talk. Their enthusiastic engagement to undo the confusion and learn about what’s legal, what isn’t and how it applies to staying compliant in their clinical practices and related work was evident. Important insights around Health Canada’s plan to regulate natural health products under the same set of regulations as chemical non-prescription drugs were discussed before an impressive Q&A opened.

NHPPA wants to thank Holistic Nutritionists for their patience in receiving their recording! If you’d like to learn more about receiving a link to the webinar recording please email info@nhppa.org


  • How legislation for Natural Health Product Regulations, Food and Drug Regulations, the Cannabis Act, and Industrial Hemp Act work together and where there are still gray areas;
  • Examples of types of cannabis and cannabinoid products that have come to market under the new cannabis recreational laws, and differences between recreational and medicinal therapeutic products;
  • Parts of the cannabis plant and which legislation applies to different parts and how they are processed, for example: roots, leaves, seeds, buds, oils, derivatives, edibles, and a variety of combinations of concentrates, isolates, and terpenes;
  • Compassion Clubs – what are they and how are they defended in the courts when challenged based on constitutional rights and medicinal needs; court decision examples;
  • Who is allowed to make, sell and buy therapeutic medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid products, when licensing is required;
  • Industrial Hemp Act and what products fall within this category;
  • Exemptions and what ingredients are considerations for which laws, depending on levels of THC;
  • What the new NHP regulation changes mean for natural health practitioners as it affects manufacturers’ and retailers’ ability to produce and sell therapeutic quality products, reduced claim allowances, cost increases, fewer products available;
  • New fines of $5 million dollars that will apply to all businesses and everyone in the natural health product industry, and increased inspections;


NHPPA is planning a full pallet of webinars for many more of Canada’s tremendous range of recognized natural health practitioners, product manufacturers, retailers, media and members of the public.

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To learn more about the latest changes that threaten our industry by Health Canada read the Discussion Paper Release: The Repeal of the Natural Health Product Regulations and download the Discussion Paper.