“Kids are picky eaters at the best of times. When they are in the hospital, they are going to treatments or tests and they’re not well, it’s hard to get them to eat. If we can provide food that is comforting and nourishing and they have an appetite for … that can all lead to earlier discharges and decreasing the length of stay,” says Bernice Wolf, director of food and marketed services at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). “We’re not about feeding, we’re about nourishing and healing”.

In this September 24, 2018 Globe and Mail article (2:15 minute read), “How an Ottawa Chef is Improving the Quality of Food at the Children’s Hospital”, we learn how Chef Simon Wiseman is helping patients at CHEO realize the power of nature’s original medicine, food, to help speed recovery and send them home sooner.

NHPPA hopes that hospitals across Canada will take note of what Chef Wiseman and the CHEO is doing and incorporate healing foods as part of their treatment.