This is an informative and eye-opening article from the March 2017 issue of Vitality Magazine, “How to Survive Western Medicine”, by Dr. Zoltan Rona in which he discusses nutrient depletion brought on by commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medications. If you visit your family doctor for any particular health concern, chances are you will leave his or her office with a prescription designed to treat the symptoms and either a recommendation for a follow up visit or instructions to “come back and see me if symptoms do not improve”. What you won’t be given is detailed information on side effects of your prescription or the nutrients that your medication may rob from your body. From acne creams to thyroid hormones, nutrient depletion occurs with just about every pharmaceutical prescription and this can have devastating health consequences, especially for those who are taking medications for an indefinite or long-term period of time.

“Most doctors who prescribe medication fail to warn their patients of the potential for nutrient depletion, and neglect to recommend taking the specific nutrients that the drugs are stealing from the body”, as Dr. Rona points out. Dr. Rona also states that “conventional doctors are quick to warn their patients against using nutritional supplements that could interfere with their prescriptions”.

As stated by Dr. Rona at the beginning of the article, the use of prescribed drugs can be life-saving or highly beneficial on a short-term basis but problems can arise when prescriptions are used on a long-term basis. Nutritional supplementation through Natural Health Products becomes an important step in the prevention of drug-induced illnesses. Future changes to how Natural Health Products are regulated will reduce the consumer access to the products that can help replace the nutrient depletion caused by prescription medications.

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