Industry Alert: Advertising Standards March 1/12


If you advertise natural products this information is vital.

Health Canada has delegated the investigation and adjudication of advertising complaints to preclearance agencies such as Advertising Standards Canada.

This change has far-reaching implications for your business, your protection and your Charter rights. Shawn Buckley has researched the legal situation on your behalf and, with the NHPPA, is distributing this information alert to all stakeholders. This short document advises why the change matters to you and when, and how, you should seek legal advice before dealing with a third-party agency.

Please read it today.

There are legal issues you must be aware of when dealing with an approach regarding your advertising.

Click Here to download a printable copy of the alert.

The NHPPA remains your watchdog, researching, writing and advising to protect you, your business and your rights.