La liberté de la santé est menacée pour tous les canadiens. A French-translated version of Vitality Magazine’s June/July article (7 minute read) “Natural Health Products Under Threat — Once Again” by Shawn Buckley is now available. We are furthering our reach with information about how the proposed regulatory changes for natural treatments will affect you and what steps you can take to stop them. Health Canada does not have the right to tell you what you can put in your body. The Canadian public, manufacturers, retailers and practitioners now face the biggest threat to alternative medicine and practices, ever.

In the article, Shawn states, “although Health Canada uses safety language to support their actions, they are in reality the drug police whose job it is to uphold the law, regardless of the health consequences.”

The translated article ensures we are providing the appropriate tools for our supporters in Quebec, New Brunswick and other French-speaking regions to communicate the consequences of Health Canada’s proposed regulations to your MPs in their preferred language.

National public and industry education continue to be NHPPA’s mission before the action phase of our campaigns. Everyone needs to know what is at risk and be able to speak to it with confidence when communicating with those in places of power.

The Charter of Health Freedom Petition seeks to hold and defend our rights across the country. Sign the petition and share with friends and family. We all have a stake.

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