March Against Monsanto May 23 2015 500 x 500WHAT CITY WILL YOU MARCH IN?

The first March Against Monsanto took place in 2013. Millions marched in 50 countries and 400 cities worldwide. Mounting evidence of profound dangers to our environment and health will see millions more participate worldwide in 2015. Unprecedented numbers will come together to stop one of the most dangerous biotechnology companies in the world.

Why do we march?

• Solidarity against Monsanto’s predatory business and agricultural practices
• Reject “substantial evidence” of GMO and traditional crops
• Demand independent scientific testing of GMO crops
• Promote organic solutions
• Expose cronyism between big business and the government
• Address poverty, the real cause of global hunger
• Support food and seed sovereignty
• Support local farms, bees, and biodiversity
• Labelling of all food that contains GMOs

It’s time to take back our food! It’s time to March Against Monsanto!

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