MP Responses Upload

Is it possible to have a drop-down menu for folks to select their riding, and later be able to search content based on riding? This would help citizens to see their MPs current stance on the issue more easily.

Members of Parliament have already begun responding to citizen letters concerning the proposed new regulations on natural health products (NHPs). NHPPA has been forwarded at least a dozen response letters already.

We are finding that many are so similar it is clear that canned responses. Many of the letters also do not address the questions or comments posed by the sender. On the positive side, there are MPs who seem to be listening to their constituents and are beginning to organize themselves to take action in the House of Commons when sitting again this fall.

On this page, we encourage you to upload the response letters you may receive from your Member of Parliament.

  1. There are two main reasons we ask you to do this:
    It allows Shawn Buckley and the NHPPA team the ability to review the letters and draft counter-arguments to any narrative pieces, as needed, which makes our campaigning more effective. Remember, this will not be a short blast of a campaign, this is going to take sustained effort over months to years to repeal Bill C-47 and make the other regulatory changes necessary to protect our access to NHPs.


  2.     It facilitates Members of Parliament being held accountable for the positions they’ve taken and the responses they’re providing. You can read through the MP responses below to get a sense of how they are responding to NHPPA’s position, and to see if or how your own MP has responded to the issue. We’re giving individual communications a public platform.

Please use the form below to upload any response letters (paper or digital) that you receive from your Member of Parliament.