Looking for long-term pain relief without chemical drug dependency? In this November 20, 2018 Vitality Magazine article (13 minute read), “My Top 20 Favourite Cures For Pain: Effective Non-drug Strategies”, by Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, MD, MSc., one can learn about some of nature’s best anti-inflammatory and pain-relief remedies. Dr. Rona recommends finding the root cause of pain first, “If all other medical diagnoses have been ruled out, chronic unexplained aches and pains could be the result of hidden food intolerances”. The piece details some physical therapies that may be helpful along with many natural health products (NHPs), that work on inflammation and pain response mechanisms. “NHPs usually take from weeks to months to be fully effective for control of aches and pains. They are by no means a quick fix. The good news is that, unlike drugs, they have never killed anyone.”