If Nearly 500 Americans Die Yearly from an Over-the-Counter Drug, Why is it Still on Store Shelves? Oct 29/13


Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, is the best known pain-relieving drug available over-the-counter today. However, nearly 500 Americans die yearly from acetaminophen overdoses, with 2,600 hospitalizations and some 56,000 emergency room visits according to a 2004 University of Texas Study. We anticipate similar population-adjusted statistics here in Canada and can’t imagine why this research has been ignored.

If the same regulatory model were truly applied to drugs, as are to Canada’s Natural Health Products, wouldn’t adverse health risks have removed Acetaminophen from the market years ago? Researchers state that the drug is also implicated in nearly half of all cases of liver damage. The danger comes in a very small difference between a safe dose, and a dangerous dose which can lead to liver damage and even death.

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