Article in Alive Magazine and NHPPA at Toronto’s Whole Life Expo Update Oct 22/12




A first for the NHPPA, Shawn Buckley was asked to write an article for Alive Magazine!

In the Alive article, Omnibus or Ominous?, Shawn Buckley points out that the bill has allowed a transfer of power of our food safety from Parliament to trade associations, ostensibly the bureaucracy. He cautions:

“Unless [exemptions] are voluntarily published it will be difficult for consumers to avoid food ingredients that concern them.”

He goes on to remind us that we always have the power to undo the damage:

“This does not mean that the changes cannot be undone. The strength of our democratic process is that when enough people become involved, change happens.”

Introduced on April 26 to implement the 2012 Federal Budget, Bill C-38, also know as the Omnibus Bill, is the “Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act.” This bill amended more than 70 federal laws in a single bill. Critics, including Shawn Buckley believed it undermined democracy by changing too many pieces of legislation in one bill, without allowing reasonable time for debate. Shawn first addressed the new legislation as it relates to food safety in his Discussion Paper on Bill C-38 on June 17, 2012, before the bill was passed.

CLICK HEREto read Shawn Buckley’s Omnibus or Ominous? publishedin Alive Magazine (Oct 2012).

CLICK HEREto download a copy of NHPPA’s Discussion Paper on Bill C-38.


A big thank you to both our regular and special event supporters. In just one week, since our last e-blast, we have received $300 from you!

All of you are making it possible for the NHPPA to be at the Whole Life Expo. For some of you who may not realize, our activities are fully funded by our supporters, concerned citizens like yourself. Your donations go towards facilitating our ability to fully stock our booth with our complete line of educational print materials and handouts and most of all, to have NHPPA’s President at the show with us.

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Julia Woodford, producer of the Whole Life Expo was able to find a time in an already full schedule for Shawn to speak. We are sure that you will be able to support bringing him to Toronto from Kamloops and as such we had to say yes to get one of the last spots available to us. Shawn will be lecturing from 4:30 PM to 5:15 PM on Sunday, in Lecture Hall 206. The show runs the weekend of November 9-11 2012, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

He will be starting to write his lecture next week. Although he has new material about the Legal Challenge, UPLAR and the Charter of Health Freedom to review, he would be open to hearing which issues you would like him to include in his address. As a health food store owner, a consumer or manufacturer/distributor, we’d appreciate hearing what you’d like to hear Shawn discuss. Please send your thoughts to

With your support we will also be able to videotape Shawn’s lecture and post it on YouTube, making it available to people who cannot come to the show. The last time we did a major cross-country campaign, your funds made it possible for Shawn to do a lecture tour across Canada. The Freedom in Crisis lecture tour not only reached the people in the industry who came to the lectures but has been available to millions of people on YouTube as well.

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