New Webpage Link to 11 Top FAQs May 29/12


Since the NHPPA’s inception in 2008, we have seen steady growth in grass-roots understanding and engagement but these last months have seen an increase in commitment to action from you and your networks.

Our most visible work has always been in attending tradeshows, writing published articles and discussion papers, giving lectures or interviews to ‘get the word out’. You all saw us cross the country with the Freedom in Crisis lecture tour. Our legal team has just recently completed the second half of the meticulous legal challenge research, the Charter of Health Freedom petitions continue to come in, and we regularly update our social media. But what else are we doing when you can’t see us?



During the last year we have been especially active providing individual citizens with support, knowledge and printed material to enable their work on NHPPA’s behalf.

And when we say on NHPPA’s behalf, we mean on behalf of Canadian citizens and the entire NHP community, whether they agree with our position for resolving the regulatory crisis or not. We see our solution as the most inclusive, without conflict of interest, appropriate and safe, ensuring everyone’s economic and personal survival.

We were created for you and are supported by you.

If you’ve ever wondered how we decide what to research, write and post for you to use on our website, the ideas are mostly yours! We produce tools for industry stakeholders, such as the Emergency Kit for Health Canada Raids, and the recently released Industry Alert on Advertising Standards because we know they are needed and we have the legal knowledge to develop them. But we produce many other tools and information sheets because you ask for them.

As you will know if you have emailed the NHPPA, we can’t reply to each and every message, but if you have asked for information you will receive a reply, even if it takes a while. You will have noticed that our replies to you frequently contain several ‘CLICK HERE’ links to our website. This means that your question is so popular, we have devised, written and uploaded a page especially to answer it. 

If we notice a new trending issue from your messages; in addition to devising an information page to address it, we will often then send out an E-Blast drawing attention to the new information.

It does sometimes take time to get back to you. This is because there are hundreds of you writing to us, and because our replies have to be researched if we do not have the exact answer. We do not leave anything to our imagination but source the current facts and realities in all legal, regulatory or industry inquiries.

In order for your questions to receive answers in a timely manner, we have devised a new page on our website to house a few supporter FAQs.

We hope that this will achieve several goals:

  • If your question is one that resonates with the thousands of other citizens who share your concerns and your anger, there is a good chance we have already answered it. This brings you the information you need immediately without having to spend time emailing us.
  • The page will free up our staff to work on supplying more new materials instead of having to respond to all incoming emails.
  • It will show you how engaged and enthusiastic for action your fellow Canadians are, and you will find many great ideas within the various links.
  • We hope to reassure all of our subscribers, supporters and funders that we remain working for health freedom, even when we seem quiet.
  • This page is part of our commitment to utilize our funding in the most cost-effective way as possible.


They include advice and information for speaking with your MP and educating your networks. You will find links to help with spreading the word, advice on how to explain the petition to people and the reasons why we want you to educate people with us. In addition to ideas and tools for action, we have explained many of the issues that perplex people such as the attitude of the mainstream media and why the Charter of Health Freedom petition must be collected in print…not on-line. We have documented the support services we are able to offer and some of the materials you have asked us to work on. If you are concerned that we haven’t taken up a suggestion, you are likely to find the reason why on this page.

CLICK HERE to get to NHPPA’s 11 Top FAQs page


But only you can use them. 

We can support the grass roots, we can energize the citizens, we can educate, advise, inform and encourage but we cannot BE the citizens of Canada.

Only you can do that. One by one. And you are.

Thank you.