NHPPA’s New Year Mailing to The Hill

We know we’re not doing trees any favours. But there is no way around it.

Physical mail still has the most significant amount of gravity. Especially when it arrives in volume. If electronic communications meant as much as paper, we’d be all over emails for a first round of sends to Ottawa. Will we send emails? Absolutely. But printed packages are going first.

NHPPA supporters may have read the Discussion Paper but most MPs have not. All MPs need support in working through why consumers, and those who produce, and practice with, natural health products are in the crosshairs.

A new letter to MPs, written by Shawn Buckley, along with the latest Discussion Paper is our first NHPPA direct delivery to all 338 Members of Parliament in 2019. Packages are set to go out this week. And it doesn’t matter that MPs are back in Ottawa mid-month. We’ve done our research on the systems in place at their Ottawa and constituency offices. We were pleased to learn that Canada’s elected officials and their office staff are thorough. Mail is never ignored. It is opened, read, placed in priority and reviewed with the MP.

NHPPA sending these packages to the MPs’ Ottawa office is the right thing to do. We are representing stakeholders and the public on a national level. Our mailing should go to Ottawa. Unlike citizens’ packages that need to stay local.

We’re going to ask you to have our back by sending another new public and stakeholder MP letter, drafted for you, along with the Discussion Paper, to your MP at their constituency office. Your MP Letter, Discussion Paper and process will be posted on Facebook and sent via email to you by January 6. Be sure to subscribe so you get this email!

Riding issues raised by constituents have power.

Riding issues that show up often, and in volume, have even greater power.

In our New Year’s send, each MP will receive a personally addressed envelope with documents that explain important insights about Health Canada’s current plan to classify NHPs as “self-care products” and to regulate them with the same regulations as chemical over-the-counter drugs.

Make it your new year’s resolution to add your voice to the upcoming campaign!

Your MP needs to know that health freedom and choice matter to you. That your access to natural health products and practices are at risk with the new Health Canada regulations. Let’s increase the volume of physical mail, electronic mail and visits to their offices this month, and every month in 2019.

Excerpt from NHPPA’s January 2019 MP Letter:

The Committee was clear that it was inappropriate to regulate NHPs under the same regulations as chemical drugs. Our current Natural Health Product Regulations (NHP Regs) are the result of these recommendations. Now, Health Canada is planning on once again regulating NHPs as chemical drugs, discarding the work of the Committee, expert panels used to guide Health Canada, and the citizens who participated.

Be sure that you follow us on Facebook and get your freedom fighting friends to subscribe so we have as much impact as possible. We’ll be keeping up both our correspondence and requests for yours throughout the year.

“Freedom is that instant between when someone tells you to do something and when you decide how to respond.” —Jeffrey Borenstein