NHPPA In The Media


The NHPPA has been in existence since 2008. In that time, and with your help, we have grown from a grass roots movement to become internationally recognized and quoted. Our copyrighted materials have crossed the globe and our experts have become sought-after interviewees by media who choose to look beneath surface and spin.

It is easy for abstract issues such as ours to be rejected by mainstream media, among the noise of competing stories. Our message is  controversial, complex and requires journalists to rethink the healthcare paradigm. We would like to acknowledge those media representatives who have understood the importance of constitutional freedom.

We thank you for your tireless pursuit of the truth and also for the integrity with which you have covered these issues.


Articles Written By The NHPPA

Features, articles, discussion papers, press releases and open letters. From the Hill Times to The Bovine, the NHPPA Board members’ original works are published on a regular basis. They are reprinted and reposted worldwide,  and referred to as definitive commentaries on current legislation.

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Proposed legislation

The NHPPA is the onlyorganization to have proposed a solution to the legislative crisis. Shawn Buckley has authored the Charter of Health Freedom,in consultation with natural health professionals across the county. It is a complete law which can solve  the regulatory crisis.

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Articles Referencing the NHPPA

National and local media, blogs worldwide and commentators on health freedom refer to the NHPPA, whenever the issues are discussed. Our combination of expert legal knowledge, easy-to-understand commentary and well-know uncompromising stance make us the obvious go-to for serious, intelligent analysis.

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NHPPA Public Interviews

TV and Radio interviewers frequently request air time from our President Shawn Buckley. They know his depth of understanding and talent for engaging an audience. From the CBC to local Co-op radio and internet TV channels, the NHPPA sets the standard for news coverage of implications of current regulatory trajectory.

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NHPPA Public Lectures, Speaking Engagements & Events

The NHPPA regularly sponsors, organizes and assists with events, to educate, assist industry and engage citizens. Our board members participate in panels, Q and A sessions and deliver presentations based on their expertise. Several of our keynote lectures have crossed the country, engaging a region at a time.

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NHPPA In Senate

The NHPPA’s reach extends to Canada’s Senate. The Committee considering Bill C-6 invited Shawn Buckley as an expert witness. During discussion of Bill C-36 he was repeatedly referred to in Senate as the country’s leading expert on constitutional matters. The NHPPA’s campaigns are referred to in transcripts repeatedly.

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The NHPPA was delighted to receive Naturalhealthcare.ca’s 2010 Best of Canada Award in the category: Health Activist of the Year. We were voted the ‘person or group whose lobbying or organizing efforts have made the natural health sector safer and/or more accessible to the public’.

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