NHPPA is Attending the 2018 Toronto Total Health Show

It has been two years for NHPPA and three for Shawn. Thank you to our financial supporters who got us to the Total Health Show this year! This event kicks off a new phase of our public outreach to share the most recent threat from Health Canada. Shawn’s show lecture will explain the significant changes and the reasons they need to be opposed. It’s a perfect venue to introduce The Charter of Health Freedom to a large number of new visitors. If you’re in the Toronto area, please attend and visit us at booth #426. We’re there all day for the show’s run and would be thrilled to see you. Shawn and the NHPPA team will answer all of your questions.

Total Health Show

We have updated materials drawn from the content in Shawn’s latest Discussion Paper that interprets the negative impact government changes hold for Canadians. The paper will be released before the end of April in preparation for national actions. Supporters across the country not able to attend, we have you covered! We will make all of our 2018 show material; Shawn’s lecture, “Censorship, Science, Belief: The Truth Would Set You Free” and new pushback actions available, in all 338 ridings, shortly after the show.


As a national non-profit organization, we work with the public and stakeholders to protect the rights of all Canadians to decide how they wish to take care of their health. Health Canada’s new regulations on self-care products, which begin implementation this fall, affect every Canadian using—and every business making and selling—natural health products from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

Join NHPPA to communicate that we will not let government bureaucrats impede our ability to make deeply personal and informed choices to mange our own health. Either in the prevention, or the treatment, of disease. We must remind Ottawa that as Canadians we intend to maintain sovereignty over our own bodies.

If you like our work and want us to continue, we need all the funding we can get to help lead the pushback. We cannot claim victory without your financial support. Every dollar counts. No amount is too small.


NHPPA’s has attended all but the 2017 show, for lack of funding, over the last 10 years. Our last two attendances:


See you there!