NHPPA’S 4th Year at Canada’s Largest Showcase of Natural Health & Green Living Oct 15/12

For all the citizens and industry members who support us monthly and for those that donate by campaign, we want to thank you for the dollars available to allow us to consider NHPPA’s full attendance at the Whole Life Expo.

We would like to have a full booth, as we had last year, armed with our complete line of educational print materials and handouts. Ideally, we’d also like to have Shawn attend to lecture.

The producers of the show appreciate the work Shawn and the NHPPA are doing to help change the future of the NHP industry and are considering having him lecture again. We have half of the costs covered from our yearly allocations but would like to ask you to help us cover Shawn’s attendance as well as help us with material for the media. Our cost for the entire event, all the printing and all the work leading up to it, is approximately $5000.00. Everyone who supports us, helps support our attendance at the show.

If you contribute on a monthly basis, we ask you to consider a one-time donation to help meet our budgeted expenses. If you are not yet a supporter, please consider a contribution now. Currently our work is being funded by a small group of concerned industry stakeholders and citizens just like you.

We would like to raise $2000.00 by November 8 to be able to say yes, and have Shawn at the show and prepare new media material.

Once we know that Shawn will be in town, we can facilitate important connections, new and old. We will have the opportunity to:

  • Prepare a media kit to attract the print journalist or television broadcaster (i.e. Ezra Levant or CBC journalist) that will provide the best coverage for the largest national NHP movement of our time. To date we have not had the funds to prepare a comprehensive, professional media kit.
  • Arrange radio, magazine and on-line freedom advocate newspaper interviews to allow Shawn to reach a wider audience.
  • Secure a meeting with an MP who will present the Charter of Health Freedom to the House of Commons. Our goal is to contact three MPs over the next month in the hope that one will be willing to discuss the initiative of moving forward with presenting the potential new law to Parliament.
  • Arrange a follow-up meeting between Shawn and Toronto’s Traditional Chinese Medical doctors to continue the dialogue as to how to work together in the future to remain firm in challenging the NHP Regulations affecting their traditional medicines and practice.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting with NHPPA’s volunteer team of Outreach Officers that will allow us to set in motion our planned National Charter of Health Freedom Nutritionist Petition campaign.
  • Arrange meetings with other renowned freedom fighters. These connections strengthen each cause as the leaders of related campaigns share their stories and challenges.
  • Videotape Shawn’s updated lecture to post on YouTube, for those of you who can’t come the show. With the appropriate funds, these videos can be made into DVDs for you to use at meetings, in home education evenings and at retail outlets.

We are grateful to our supporters. Your contributions make it possible to:

  • Get Shawn to the show by paying for his flights, ground transportation, expenses and the development of his lecture.
  • Hire the professional NHPPA personnel, along with the volunteers, we need to work our booth throughout the show.
  • Fully stock our booth with new printed support material for consumers. This includes all of the flyers, information kits and several recent articles written and published this year regarding both practitioners and products.
  • Provide valuable information to consumers who want to understand more about the issues and get involved. Last year the show attracted 18,500 people and attendance has grown every year. We expect all of the attendees to pass by our booth at some point over the weekend. Shows give us our most significant opportunity to increase awareness of the challenges facing the natural health community.
  • Collect signatures for our petition. At tradeshows we garner the most signatures in the shortest period of time and we also have the opportunity to supply registrants with petition sheets and information to take to their local stores and health clinics. At 88,338 signatures, The Charter of Health Freedom petition is 91% of the way to becoming the largest properly vetted petition presented to Parliament in the last 15 years. Our goal is to surpass 90,000 signatures at the show.
  • Engage industry members and keep them abreast of the issues impacting their business and the steps the NHPPA is taking to attempt to resolve them.
  • Continue to offer our quality Charter of Health Freedom T-shirts for sale to the public. Our T-shirts are an excellent way to publicize the Charter. They are also useful for rallies, meetings and retail outlet staff, and they provide an additional income stream.
  • Take photographs and notes to compile a review of the latest information on our website, for your use.

The show runs the weekend of November 9-11 2012, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

In order to ensure Shawn’s attendance to continue the work he and the NHPPA are doing to educate consumers, meet with industry leaders and connect with the media, we need your support.

CLICK HERE to donate today.

“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result”
–Mahatma Gandhi

Hope we can see you at the show!