Sign up and show up for Health Canada’s (HC) next round of public consultation meetings. They continue this Friday June 9, 2017. From what HC shared previously, topics will include: Market Entry, Labelling, Vigilance, Compliance, Cost Recovery, Advertising. We do not know whether or not they will have made “adjustments” to their proposal from what they heard in their April/May sessions. The modernized regulations of Self-Care products include cosmetics, natural health products, non-prescription drugs. For background on why we are rallying support to take action, see the links provided below. Registration is now open in select cities across the country for in-person events and limited webinars. NHPPA wants, and needs, you to attend so that when HC releases more information, or the final document, you will already be informed and empowered to take the right actions.

Spaces fill up quickly so register today

Relevant links:

Health Canada’s original September 2016 Consultation document setting out the proposed new classification system that incited nationwide industry concern.

Health Canada’s March 2017 Executive Summary of the responses received from the initial 2016 online questionnaire, giving HC their apparent justification to develop the current proposal.

Shawn Buckley’s discussion paper on Health Canada’s original September 2016 “Consultation” document.

Read NHPPA’s May 30, 2017 Facebook post, “Manufacturing Consent”, sharing insight into what Health Canada is not telling you about their proposed NHP regulations as well as an audio recording (with PowerPoint slides) of the initial public forum meeting held in Saskatoon on April 4, 2017.