Pinterest Bans GreenMedInfo for Posting Natural Health & Vaccine Safety Info, GreenMedInfo

Facebook and false cures. Pinners and public safety. On Sunday, December 16, 2018 in this article (5 minute read) published on GreenMedInfo by Sayer Ji, “Pinterest Bans GreenMedInfo for Posting Natural Health & Vaccine Safety Info”. He writes, “We can only assume that because the “information war” is being lost on social media platforms, ideological debate and dissent is being completely banned instead of being allowed to proliferate in a democratic, open access fashion.” We couldn’t agree more with Ji, “Information is the currency of democracy. Limit its flow, including diametrically opposed views, and you have removed the condition for the possibility of an open, free, and democratic society.”

Censorship is a truism. So self-evident that it’s hardly worth mentioning.

Tell us if you’ve been subjected to this, on what platform, on what subject. We’d like to hear from natural health practitioners and public advocates who are using any of the SocMeds. Send your story to

Shawn Buckley’s lecture at the Whole Life Expo Nov 2018 and latest Discussion Paper explain how censorship is being used to restrict access to NHPs and the truths that cannot be shared about them.

NHPPA’s Censorship Compendium 2015 Edition 1 – and still accurate – is a collection of original writings by experts on censorship as it relates to Canada’s healthcare system, regulations, food safety and the withholding of information ‘for our protection’.

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