Post-production Complete. Ready for Launch.

It’s finally in the can. NHPPA has a talented team, from varied professions, working in cities across our great country. For the last two weeks, although there are more than a few projects on our docket, we were heads-down devoted to completing a highly valuable educational tool. Shawn Buckley and our videographer, David Delouchrey, recorded a series of 21 short primers that explain The Charter of Health Freedom in terms everyone can understand. The series takes you into the proposed legislation that gives Natural Health Products and Practices their own Act. Each segment makes clear what it means for you. We did a set in 2009 but have revisited the features in 2019 with the confidence, that even 10 years later, it is still the best solution.

We are currently under the greatest threat since the infamous Bill C-51. NHPPA sees the risks. We recognize that most Canadians need to understand what The Charter of Health Freedom means as a solution. We need Canadians to grasp what’s at stake. But even more than that, we need Canadians to understand there IS a permanent way to protect their health freedom from the constant erosion of their rights by Health Canada.

Watch our Facebook page starting this week, for 21 weeks, as we roll out this new educational initiative. Facebook likes to change their algorithms, so guarantee seeing each release and subscribe.