Preparing the NHPPA Booth for a Show Mar 25/13

Shows such as Total Health and Whole Life Expo are our most visible presence within the natural health community. It’s where you see our faces, pick up our information materials, take petitions away for your networks and discuss the latest news. As you chat with us we share ideas and stories and everybody gains.

Each year we ask for some additional funding to help with the expenses associated with equipping and manning the booth, so that we don’t have to divert funding from our regular work, here are some of the things we need to fund:

  • Updating and printing all of our information and educational materials and printing new published articles. We always plan to be fully stocked with whatever our visitors need. Whether it’s an introduction to the Charter of Health Freedom, copies of handouts to take to your local health food store or a sheaf of background reading and opinion, we will be supplying flyers, action kits and information packs which are relevant, up to date and suitable for both consumers and industry stakeholders;

  • Making all the travel and accommodation arrangements for Shawn Buckley to attend the show and planning the support he needs in preparing his lecture;

  • Spending time scheduling meetings for Shawn with industry leaders, and renowned freedom fighters such as Michael Schmidt, Jeffrey Smith, Dr. Shiv Chopra, Helke Ferrie, Pam Killeen and many others. These connections strengthen each cause represented, as the figureheads of so many campaigns share information, expertise and support, so vital as we move forward through the challenges facing the industry;

  • Organizing and supporting NHPPA’s staff and volunteers to man the booth throughout the show;

  • Preparing professional media correspondence with the print and television journalists able to offer Shawn the widest audience possible;

  • Designing and printing more quality Charter of Health Freedom T-shirts for sale to the public. We tested the idea last year and it was popular. The T-shirts can be used to publicize the Charter, for rallies and meetings, for retail outlet staff and they will help us produce a new income stream;

  • Lining up the personnel and equipment to Videotape Shawn’s updated lecture to post on YouTube, for those of you who can’t get to the show. These videos can also be made into DVDs for you to use at meetings, in home education evenings and at retail outlets.

If all that work goes into our presence at a show, what are we doing when you can’t see us? 

CLICK HERE to to find out what we do when you aren’t looking and to read the top 11 issues we address in personal emails to stakeholders like you.