Helke Ferrie includes the Charter of Health Freedom as she surveys the citizens’ revolt against corporate control of our healthcare and food supply Vitality Magazine

In a wide-ranging and knowlegable survey of the way the worldwide Occupy movement is resonating within individuals Helke Ferrie’s article in January’s Vitality magazine is more than just a wake-up call. It is a timely reminder that only we can re-occupy our bodies, a wake  up-call to the autonomies we have lost and continue to lose, and a call to action.

She observes; “This movement is not another plan by somebody to save the world, but an invitation to everybody to come to grips with reality.” As she analyses current trends regarding issues such as GMOs, asbestos, vaccination and the ever increasing power of the medical cartel, she adds; “Importantly, once something has been understood, it is not possible to go back to the time of ignorance and forget what is known. The process of change is unstoppable.”

Finally, in a review of changing attitudes and the noticeably increasing groundswell of public anger and awareness she cites the Charter of Health Freedom as both public opinion barometer and tool for change.

“More and more people are taking charge of their health, asking questions, and refusing to cooperate blindly. The support for the Charter of Health Freedom written by lawyer Shawn Buckley, of the Natural Health Products Protection Association, is a good measure for this shift in public opinion.”

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