Shawn Buckley July 2019 Interview with Hugh Reilly

Counterpoint? Leave it to the independent media. On July 16, 2019, Shawn Buckley joined ardent NHPPA supporter, Hugh Reilly of, for an interview (40 minute watch), on “Health Canada Destroying Health Freedom”. Hugh explores, with interesting insight, the dire situation we are facing with Health Canada’s regulatory changes of natural health products (NHPs). Shawn reveals new impacts the changes will have on our access to NHPs and the information we need to make informed decisions about them.

This interview was held one day after the NDP Health Critic, MP Don Davies, was browbeaten nationally by a CBC reporter. He was ridiculed for his position on the changes Health Canada has set in motion. He was silenced for questioning the Self-care Framework, including what it means for NHPs and Canadians’ ability to access them. “Don Davies is being attacked deliberately by the major media to basically ensure that the NDP supports this new Self-care Framework going into the election. And I think all of us need to be contacting Don Davies and the NDP leader today, and saying we support what you’re doing.”



• And yet… [science is] being used as a weapon to silence and ridicule people. It’s like it’s a new religion. You can’t question this double-blind clinical trial gold standard. (12:22)

• And so we’re entering a world, as I say, where it’s going to be illegal to treat even moderate health conditions in Canada with anything but a chemical pharmaceutical drug. (13:56)

• What about our rights? This is the common law versus the civil law. So the government’s saying you don’t have the right to decide yourself how you’re going to prevent illness and how you’re going to treat yourself when you’re sick. You don’t have the right to make that decision. You can only use things that we tell you you can use. (14:10)

• I know of a company where there’s at least 30 peer-reviewed publications, and the research has been paid for by governments in four different countries because this product is so effective. Do you know it’s illegal for that company to share that research with you? (23:17)

• One of the big changes is, except for periodontal and topical, we will no longer be able to use traditional use evidence to support efficacy claims. Well that’s probably 90% of the claims we’re allowed now. (24:55)

• We’re eventually going to lose so many claims, that the censorship is just going to be outrageous. (25:33)