Shawn Buckley’s First Lecture of 2011 Thursday January 27 in Mississauga, Ontario Jan 27/11

NHPPA and SOS Canada present:


Have we had enough yet, or do we need to lose more products, industry stakeholders and freedoms before we are willing to act?

What can the natural health industry expect next from Health Canada? And what must be done?

Shawn Buckley’s keynote lecture will address what must be done now to change tactics, ramp up the engagement of Canadians and protect the interests of industry stakeholders.

Government policies are restricting your access to natural health products and your choice of ordinary consumer products, and practitioners tools, more than ever before. A decade ago, the government promised suitable regulations for the low-risk nature of natural health products; and this promise has been broken. The regulations the government implemented instead were created for dangerous chemical pharmaceuticals. These are both fundamentally wrong in their approach and destructive. Not only to the natural products industry in Canada but to the consumers who rely on them, some for life or death conditions. We are all losing the option to choose what we know works for our ourselves, our clients and our families health and well-being.

In fact, the stakes have never been so high. Only months from now, Health Canada is set to take unprecedented enforcement action. CCPSA (Bill C-36) has been law for just over a month and on its heels, the NHP industry has been alerted to Health Canada’s new incarnation of legislation like Bill C-51.

We stand at the edge of losing our rights and freedoms in so many areas, most dangerously in the way we are able to treat our own bodies.

WHEN: Thursday, Jan 27, 7:00 pm

WHERE: Four Points by Sheraton Toronto Airport 6257 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E4 1-800-565-5769

COST: $10 at the door

CONTACT: Christine at 905.494.3910 or NHPPA’s Julia Rickert at 416.906.6974


Shawn Buckley is president of Canada’s respected Natural Health Products Protection Association, an organization challenging the current Natural Health Product (NHP) Regulations as violating our individual rights. Mr. Buckley has been recognized as one of the most highly qualified legal experts in Canada who has consistently maintained opposition to both the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, in its every incarnation, and the NHP Regulations. He is the author of a proposed law that would protect our access to natural health products called the Charter of Health Freedom.


The Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) is a federally incorporated, non-profit organization devoted to protecting Canadians’ access to natural health products. The Association lobbies government, publishes information and advises the public. Its experts support natural health stakeholders as changing legislation impacts their livelihoods. In 2010 the NHPPA launched its Three Part Action Plan to focus attention on Canadians’ constitutional rights. This plan includes the Charter of Health Freedom. If championed by the NHP industry and public it could undo years of incremental erosion for natural health manufacturers, retailers and the consumer.

To learn more about how you can support the initiatives to take back our rights, freedoms and choice, join NHPPA’s growing freedom movement.