Shawn’s New Article in Alive Magazine: Safe or Unsafe Dec 1/12





In his article, Safe or Unsafe?, Shawn Buckley tells the tale of Geri, a woman who has lived with breast cancer for 25 years, and who attributes her longevity to Natural Health Products (NHPs). ‘Upon assumption of danger’, NHPs that Canadian citizens depend on for their health and wellbeing are being systematically removed from store shelves. As catalogued to date, over 20,000 foreign products, including some that have been used safely for centuries, are no longer available to stores in Canada. Shawn relates that Geri: “…truly cannot understand why a natural remedy she relies on to stay alive is being taken away from her. She certainly does not feel protected or safe because of the regulations.”

The NHPPA was thrilled to be offered space in one of Canada’s most respected and widely circulated natural health magazines, to let readers know about the The Charter of Health Freedom! Close to 200,000 citizens will pick up the print version of Alive in one of 900 stores across the country and learn about “a proactive law which, while giving the Government more teeth to address real dangers, would also require a balancing between an individual’s need for a remedy and the State’s goal of addressing real risks.”

The harm the current regulations are causing is no longer an academic question. The regulations are impacting real people like you and I.

Shawn calls us all to action in the article:

Make a difference by:

  • educating yourself
  • supporting groups working to protect natural remedies
  • signing the petition for the Charter of Health Freedom
  • writing to your MP and the prime minister about your concerns

CLICK HERE to read Shawn Buckley’s article Safe or Unsafe? published in Alive Magazine (Dec 2012)

CLICK HERE to go to an interactive explanation of the Charter of Health Freedom