Dr. Zoltan Rona MD MSc asks this question in a hard hitting and wide-ranging article in Vitality Magazine this month. The piece outlines the ways in which natural products and pharmaceuticals are treated differently by the tax system. Dr Rona explains that his patients who use NHPs are hit in two ways by the tax system, not only are they most usually ineligible for exemption on a tax return, they also incur HST.

This is clearly becoming a hot topic with consumers, since Shawn Buckley and Genevieve Eliany wrote of similar frustration among their clients in last month’s Alive Magazine.

Dr Rona’s article goes on to demonstrate that the current NHP regulations have taken tax exempt status away from some products, and points out that the hyper-regulation we are now seeing has driven prices up as well, forcing many Canadians to shop over the border. He concludes with an update on the current class action lawsuit and advises readers to complain to their MP.He suggests that you find out where your MP stands on the issues and make the current government bias against natural health products an election issue.

This article is an excellent addition to any information you are planning to send to your MP during our upcoming Step 2 of the Charter to 308 MPs campaign. If you send Dr Rona’s article to your MP, as he suggests, be sure to add that your constituency office has already received a print copy of the Charter of Health Freedom and that it is a ready-made solution to the problem of over-regulation.

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