Step 2: The Charter to 308 MPs Rebuttal Campaign Extended Jul 10/14

YOU 308 Deadline Extension 500 x 500

The NHPPA is made up of a few committed activists who find it exciting to support our members with information and materials that help make a difference. In the past, with our collective efforts, we have caught the attention of the NHP industry, media, Members of Parliament, Health Canada and the Senate.

This could not have been done without you.

When we launch a campaign after months of stitching together all the pieces necessary to give you the right tools, our pay-off is seeing that you engage in the campaign.The hard copy version of the MP Rebuttal Package campaign was launched on April 4, 2014 at the Total Health Show in Toronto. The on-line version with materials that could be accessed from across the country went live June 6, 2014 with a campaign deadline of June 30, 2014.

To date the activity reported for this campaign has given us pause to wonder where you are. We understand everyone is overwhelmed with no lack of activity in your personal and professional lives. However…


NHPPA represents a collective group of people in Canada—this means you—who understand and are concerned that Health Canada Regulations have had a devastating effect on the number of Natural Health Products available to us, and that the NHP Regulations continue to violateour constitutional rights for freedom of choice in natural health solutions. NHPPA relies on you, our supporters and fellow natural health advocates, to be the voices that speak to our concerns.Without you, our MPs will never understand what’s really at stake with the current regulations and how important the Charter of Health Freedom is for all Canadians. Without you there is no campaign, there will never be a chance for change at Health Canada, and your MPs will continue to be misinformed about the purpose and consequences of the NHP Regulations. Without you, the Charter of Health Freedom will not get introduced to the House of Commons and will never have a chance of becoming law. You are, without a doubt, the most important part of these campaigns.


The document “The Charter of Health Freedom Grows in Importance: An Analysis of the Charter’s Relevance in 2014“, written by Shawn Buckley in April, may serve as a reminder to what we have lost, and the great losses yet to come. Last year when we launched Step 1 of this campaign we were hopeful of a positive reaction to your letters and packages from MPs across Canada. We knew that a flood of letters, all at once, should get them talking and raise awareness of the issues important to Canadians. We were impressed and excited by your involvement and engagement. We need your full support to do this again, and create a wave of packages to continue to educate your MP with rebuttals that will reinforce your messages and the importance of the issues.

MPs responses to Step 1: Charter to 308 MPs Campaign were apathetic, contained cut and paste responses and did not even comment on the Charter of Health Freedom. (Except one, who thought it was already law!) This sort of response from your MPs should anger you and motivate you to follow up on their ignorance of the issues and/or their complacent positioning and not taking your concerns seriously. To see the MPs’ responses, we’ve posted them for you on our website, and provided you with Shawn’s Analysis that summarized the responses from MPs, provided comments, context and questions for your rebuttals. We were shocked at how little your MPs understand about the current regulations, their lack of engagement, understanding about the Charter of Health Freedom and changes that are so desperately needed. Step 2 is to re-engage your MP and address their apathy and lack of understanding for this critically important matter.


We are asking you to engage. Currently only a handful of members have participated and before we close this campaign on July 18, 2014 we ask you to get involved. Some of you did send your package to both your MP at his/her House of Commons and Constituency office—making it a double play. But if you can’t send to both, that’s alright, send to one or the other! We have developed everything you need to prepare your correspondence with MPs.

It took several months to put together. Now we ask you to take an hour or so to do your part. We cannot be solely responsible for sending out packages when the power lies in your hands to have the conversation with your MPs.


Step 2: The Charter to 308 MPs Campaign: MP Rebuttal Package

Read through the whole campaign to understand what we are asking you to do. It is not difficult or complex. It only asks of your time, and for you to express yourself—making our collective actions draw attention to our significant objective.When we ask you to send us proof, it is virtually the only way that we know if we are doing our job and if you have taken action. If you have any questions as you develop your package, just email us! NHPPA looks forward to following upwithafull report on the success of this campaign.