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One of Canada’s significant voices in health freedom has written a decisive piece in the vaccine debate. Yet, she considers any polarized discussion between the anti and pro attitudes not to be addressing the root of the problem. That it is not about “good or bad”. But that is squarely about the toxicology issue presenting itself to physicians and public health officials, who are ignoring it. This issue is not in her opinion but is that of neuroscientists and vaccinologists from the world’s leading universities.

Helke Ferrie’s latest article in Vitality Magazine’s Jan 2015 issue, “The Illusion of Vaccine Safety” is a must-read and share piece with complete timelines and confirmed facts on the history of dangerous vaccine toxins, and their effects, as developed by drug companies for commercial reasons.

An incontrovertible and exceptionally well-written piece on the explosive specifics that outline key issues of how toxic ingredients pose significant health risks. She clearly points out, “the challenge now is to confront the truth about inconvenient scientific facts which the industry, and especially regulators, buried to protect profits – as a 3-year US congressional investigation proved. The industry has been caught lying and the vaccines have been proven to be dangerously dirty.”

Helke believes the problem can be fixed. That vaccines can, and must be, cleaned up. That the toxic additives are fundamentally unnecessary and that vaccines could become safe and effective.

She provides a substantial list of references, published sources and resources with an impressive 85-year historical timeline of the issues.

Read Helke’s full article:

Consider the data from International Medical Council on Vaccines. Pay particular attention to the charts:

Vaccine Choice Canada (formerly VRAN):

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