The Team


The NHPPA has evolved from an idea to an organization. We are necessarily small, since most of our budget is ringfenced for campaigning and supplying you with the materials you need to educate your networks. We have been fortunate to collect together a dedicated band of part-time workers and volunteers who contribute to everything that comes to you from us.

Our professional and passionate team comprises lawyers, educators, writers, nutritionists and industry insiders, plus a geek or two. We have come to the struggle for natural health from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences but we are united in our belief that Canadians must remain entitled to access safe and effective products.
Shawn Buckley
President, NHPPA, Constitutional Lawyer

Shawn Buckley is a constitutional lawyer who also has expertise in the area of drug regulation. In his 29 years of practicing law Mr. Buckley has defended more natural health companies in Court than any other Canadian lawyer.  He has an enviable track record in Court against Health Canada charges. Outside of Court, Mr. Buckley has assisted natural health companies and practitioners navigate and deal with Health Canada.

Mr. Buckley has attended on a number of occasions as an expert witness on the regulation of natural health products in the House of Commons. He has appeared as an expert witness on constitutional law in the Senate, attending as perhaps the only expert witness opposing Bill C-36 (the Consumer Product Protection Act).

Since 2008 Mr. Buckley has been the President of the Natural Health Products Protection Association (the “NHPPA”). The NHPPA is dedicated to protecting health rights, with a focus on protecting access to natural health products.

Mr. Buckley is a founding member and lead counsel for the National Citizens Inquiry.

Genevieve Eliany
Vice President, NHPPA & Criminal Lawyer at Eliany Advocates

Geneviève Eliany is a lawyer focused on both criminal defense and natural health product regulation, agricultural and food law. She is experienced in assisting First Nations individuals and communities. Previously, she studied and practiced homeopathic medicine for over 10 years, entering the field after refusing conventional treatment for a serious bout of Crohn’s Disease. She is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges facing manufacturers, practitioners and patients in the natural health industry.


.Julia Rickert CNP, ROHP/NNCP
National Campaign Director, Executive Coordinator

Julia is the engine room of the NHPPA. She devises, coordinates and manages the Association’s campaigns, events and communications. Her background is in design, communication and marketing and she has acted as a publicist for professionals ranging from sculptors to writers; as well as running her own agencies. In a career switch towards the natural health community, Julia graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2007. In 2008 Julia read Shawn Buckley’s Discussion Paper on Bill C-51. A week later, along with two other IHN graduates, she organized Canada’s largest rally in defense of our right to choose Natural Health Products. NHPPA’s work became a passion.

Veronica Jean CNP, ROHP/RNCP
Assistant Campaign Coordinator

After struggling with physical and mental health challenges for years with no helpful treatments offered by allopathic health care providers, Veronica began studying as a Holistic Nutritionist in an attempt to learn to care for her own heath. Since then, Veronica has navigated several of her own health crises using natural health care products and practices. She has seen the industry from many angles — as a consumer, as the Managing Director of a health food store and wellness clinic, as a clinician educating clients, and as a mentor to other practitioners. Veronica has been part of the NHPPA team for over 5 years. She is eager to continue contributing to NHPPA’s work to protect Canadians’ right to freedom of choice in health care.

Melody Byblow, RHN, CMWA
Director of Citizen Outreach

Melody Byblow is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ and Certified Master Workplace Wellness Consultant in Saskatoon. After experiencing first-hand the limitations of conventional health care in Canada she pursued holistic health education which helped her recover from debilitating pain, fatigue, and other issues. She now uses employee wellness programs, executive wellness coaching, public speaking, and holistic health and nutrition coaching to share practical ways to adopt a natural health lifestyle to improve one’s own health. She is passionate about preserving our natural health rights and freedom of choice, to access quality natural health products and natural health practitioners.

Brett Hawes
Practitioner Outreach

Brett is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist with 18 years of clinical experience. In addition to running his own clinical practice, he also teaches at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and hosts health masterclasses for health professionals and the general public. Brett is well-known as an activist and is a vocal opponent of medical mandates. In 2007-2008 he organized the largest Health Freedom rally at the time in opposition to Bill C-51/52. He has also interviewed leading experts on GMOs, vaccine risk awareness, health sovereignty, technocracy, and other controversial topics on his top-ranking podcast, Holistic Health Masterclass. He is eager to continue his work with the NHPPA and preserve Canadians’ right to bodily autonomy and access to natural health care..

Simon Brazier
Video Production Coordinator

Simon is a holistic nutritionist and digital marketer. He supports people with gut and brain disorders and brings them back to better health. Simon supports NHPPA in the creation and distribution of quality content. Simon is passionate about fighting for his children’s freedom.